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PSG Global

A leader in eco-friendly business

PSG Global aims to provide new and renewable energy solutions with innovative solutions and creative ideas and lead the commercialization of eco-friendly building materials. We will become a frontier in the eco-friendly business field by leading greenhouse gas reduction and new and renewable energy generation projects.

PSG Philosophy

Efforts to Realize Customer Satisfaction

PSG global puts customer satisfaction first. We constantly strive to maintain the best quality with a quality management system that meets global standards. Experience first-hand the products and services of PSG Global, which provide only absolute satisfaction to customers.

Construction Material

Energy Solution

Smart Power Generation

Exporting & Importing


Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Our mission is to create social and economic value through green energy solutions. We want to play a responsible role for a sustainable future. Through this, we want to realize sustainable energy innovation along with environmental protection.


With the motto of "creating a sustainable future with innovative thinking", we will become a reliable global partner and a company that realizes customer satisfaction through eco-friendly, renewable business and product technology and business development that fit global trends.

PSG Global CEO Park Se-gil

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