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Our Vision

​Our company is a global player in the field of batteries and glass fiber reinforcing bars through innovative technology and sustainable product development.We aim to become a leading company. We have the potential to revolutionize energy storage technology and the construction industry.We aim to contribute to the further development of human life and the environment by providing state-of-the-art products.

Our Missions

Based on our five missions, we will pursue sustainable growth and do our best in innovation and quality.

innovative technology development

Using the latest technology and research,

Innovative in the field of glass fiber reinforcing bars

Develop products and solutions. We apply advanced technology through continuous research and development to meet customer needs andMaintain a leading position in the market.

environmental protection

We contribute to a sustainable future by developing environmentally friendly products.For batteries,  Developing renewable energy storage systems to provide eco-friendly energy solutionsprovide.In the case of glass fiber reinforced reinforcing bars,Introduce manufacturing process to save resources andMinimize air pollution.

Quality and Safety Guaranteed

We produce high-quality products andSafety is our top priority. By establishing a thorough quality management system, product performance andGuaranteed durability and safe working environmentcreate.

​Global Leadership

We strive to grow into a leading global company in domestic and international markets. Build a global network and follow global market trends to secure global competitiveness.

social contribution

We fulfill our social responsibilities through cooperation with local communities and contribute to regional development. society in various fields such as education, environmental protection, and social welfare.We support contribution activities.

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