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유리섬유 강화철근 GFRP REBAR

유리섬유 강화 플라스틱 GFRP(Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) 콘크리트 보강근 개발 및 공급

Product overview

기존 콘크리트 기초의 주 보강근인 철근은 부식으로 인해 막대한 유지보수 비용이 발생하고, 부식된 철근으로 인한 부실시공 시 건축구조물 안전에 큰 영향을 끼칠 수 있습니다. 철근 대체 보강재로 개발된 저희 GFRP REBAR 는 철보다 강하고 알루미늄보다 가벼우며, 녹슬지 않는 친환경 신소재를 사용해 일반 철근 대비 26%의 경량성과 2배 이상의 인장강도 및 내부식성이 큰 장점이 있습니다.

product competitiveness



GFRP rebar does not rust or corrode, so its service life is semi-permanent. Maintenance costs can be reduced by extending the life of the structure.


non-magnetic, non-conductive

GFRP rebar is a non-magnetic insulator that is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing plants, railroad tracks, data centers,  It shows performance in structures that require electromagnetic wave blocking, such as military bases.



GFRP rebar is easy to handle with only 26% of the weight of the rebar You can reduce construction costs such as labor and logistics costs.


thermal insulation

GFRP rebar has high thermal insulation properties and is highly applicable to low-temperature warehouses. It is a raw material that is essential for regions that require heat blocking, such as Southeast Asia. 


high strength

GFRP rebar has more than twice the tensile strength compared to rebar and has structural stability It is possible to reduce the construction cost by slimming the structure.



GFRP rebar is easy to transport and cut due to its light weight It is easy to work, so the construction cost is remarkably reduced.

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